March 3, 2020 Saigon Chloroquine Sourcing Trip

Was I able to see information that was suppressed from Americans because I happened to be outside the United States in a media market that is one of the most remote in the world from the United States Echo Chamber?

Any volunteers to flesh out any theories that can de developed form this?

State of mind observations regarding this video:

1) At this point (March 3, 2020) I was very unhappy with the reluctance of my friends in America to get and wear masks. I was accustomed to masks having spent a lot of time in Vietnam and I figured they knew something US physicians didn’t. It wasn’t until around late May that I realized there was no science and that mask wearing carried with it other risks and downsides.

2) Vitamin D is a subject here because we have been taking 5,000 iu since early January. It only strikes me now how odd it was for US public health agencies and Dr. Anthony Fauci to keep Vitamin D a secret only mentioning Vitamin D in a public that I know about setting once in late September, 2020. If this impression is wrong I would appreciate hearing it, but to this day (Xmas Eve 2021) US public health agencies treat Vitamin D3 like its s government secret. This has to be a conscious decision.

3) Here we see a barber shop that had been unexpectedly closed and I thought it may have been closed for quaratine.

4) We also see a Vietnamese man taking a nap on his motor bike. This is a common sight in Vietnam.