Spare us crocodile tears: FDA treatment protocol proximately causes hospitalizations

Earth to Media: Hospitals are brimming because the FDA protocol below bans early treatment with safe “off patent” solutions like hydroxychloroquine. To date, I count one time when a current public health official recommended Vitamin D.

If public health agencies upon whom our elected politicians must rely, really cared about American health and wanted to keep Americans out of the hospital, they would scrap the FDA treatment protocol below that actually causes the hospitalizations and deaths. This is not a difficult concept. The FDA has engaged in conduct from which it may not recover. If they really cared about patient health, they would march over to the White House and make a recommendation about off patent solutions, Vitamin D outreach and early treatment. So, presumably the status quo suits them just fine.

The heads of public health agencies never make such a march of course–they are too busy moralizing about behavioral modifications. It seems fighting for life is a risk position we can’t expect from “public health agencies” anymore even while our intellect endures endless insults as polite social rules require that we pretend we don’t see this ridiculously transparent and cynical game between these public health officials–some of whom abandoned their Hippocratic oaths some time ago– and “journalists” who never seem to pose a relevant question. Watching “interviews of Dr. Fauci reminds me of a Tiger Beat promo event. “Journalists” seem to enjoy this contrived and embarrassing arrangement–the Woodward and Bernstein model for journalists long ago devoured by Don Lemon–and I imagine everyone having a cigarette after they are done. No one ever seems to ask a serious question or do the job of what an investigative journalists used to live for.

Any journalist who wants a private tutorial that establishes incontrovertibly that the above protocol proximately causes hospitalization may contact me. I will even ghost write the article for them (but, obviously, it will need heavy editing).

Give BeeLeeMeme the byline, but you have to use this authentic photo (thanks Dick).