Ohio judge orders that COVID-19 patient be treated with ivermectin — which no agency recommends

An Ohio judge on Monday ordered a hospital to treat a COVID-19 patient with ivermectin — an unproven virus treatment and livestock dewormer — going against CDC and FDA recommendations.

Jeffrey Smith, 51, contracted the coronavirus in early July and has been in the intensive care unit on a ventilator at West Chester Hospital in Cincinnati for weeks, according to the Ohio Capital Journal. His wife, Julie Smith, filed a lawsuit against the hospital on Aug. 20, demanding an emergency order for the use of the animal medication in a Butler County court in a last-ditch effort to keep her husband alive as he suffers “on death’s doorstep.”

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In determining what “news” items are worthy of reading and which are worthy of rejection in regards to the life saving performance of Ivermectin, a key feature of false news stories is any reference to “Horse dewormer,” “weaponizing Horse dewormer,” “the FDA begging not to take horse dewormer” “pharmacists fighting off Covid ‘truthers’ promoting horse dewormer” (as if pharmacists refusing to fill prescriptions is moral or legal), protestations that humans “are not horses,” efforts to frame saving American lives as “right wing” so that left wing Americans sit at home like all Americans and incubate the c19 virus without medication, etc.

Here the reference in the title to: “which no agency recommends” (which might aptly refer to the abysmal state of regulatory capture) and first sentence lead in: “an unproven treatment and livestock dewormer” signals to the reader first, that the author believes the reader to be very stupid and second, that the following “journalistic” work is certified as being fully “BigPharma advertising budget complaint.”

Of course, one might have thought that in relation to human use of Ivermectin, some journalist somewhere might have mentioned that the miraculous drug swept the Nobels in 2015 for human use.

But, no such luck at the Post where this particular author reinforces the life robbing scam by helpfully screen shotting the most recent FDA’s effort in furtherance of what is now a desperate gambit to prevent American lives from being saved through repurposed drugs used early or prophylactically:

Seriously Y’all at the FDA…Stop it.