Alex Berenson Has Moved To Substack. His Voice is Allowed, But For How Long?

As many of the most prominent social media sites engage in an unprecedented campaign of suppressing content and free speech, there are still some areas where the voices of opposition can still be heard.

Alex Berenson has found a new home on Substack. The question is – for how long?

Although Alex Berenson is well-known to many for his stance on COVID, his notoriety should be a surprise to no-one.

After graduating from Yale University in 1994 with bachelor’s degrees in history and economics, Berenson joined The Denver Post in June 1994 as a business reporter. In August 1996, he left the Post to join TheStreet, a financial news website founded by Jim Cramer. In December 1999, Berenson joined The New York Times as a business investigative reporter where he covered the pharmaceutical and health care industries, specializing in issues concerning dangerous drugs

In 2010, Berenson left the Times to become a full-time novelist and commentator. He was known to many online as a voice of opposition to the government’s response to the COVID-19 crises and the mass program of vaccination. This is what triggered Twitter to ban him from their platform on August 28, 2021, for what they called “repeated violations of its policy on COVID-19 misinformation.”

Denied access to the public square created by Twitter, Alex Berenson turned to Substack to continue his exercise of free-speech and his audience continues to grow. The question is if Substack will ever change its relatively hands-off policies towards content moderation and start to impinge on the 1st Amendment rights of thinkers like Alex. We will be monitoring his situation on an ongoing basis.

In the meantime, we encourage you to visit his Substack, Unreported Truths, and join his growing subscriber base.