Dr. Lynn Fynn is the latest victim of Twitter Censorship

Twitter censorship has claimed a new victim. This time it is Dr. Lynn Fynn. Dr. Fynn is a physician who has been an outspoken critic of the government and media narratives surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. As many of us feared and predicted, Dr. Fynn was banned from twitter, and the popular Twitter handle @Fynnderella1 is now a dead-end.

One of the tweets that may have resulted in Dr. Lynn Fynn’s ban was about the vaccination risk that children might face from forced vaccination:

“Judging from the data of risk at this age group, there is absolutely no statistical proof that a vaccine of any kind for SARSCOV2 would show any benefit whatsoever. There is, however, an achievable p-value of risk. Not one scientist has proven that an emergency exists in this age group let alone a signal of benefit. Additionally, the vaccine’s ability to reprogram innate immunity in addition to neither preventing infection nor the spread of disease, makes this therapeutic at best in the elderly age group but nothing of value in children and not a vaccine in the interest of public health. We do not force chemo on cancer patients, nor should we even consider this in children, particularly with its lack of long-term outcome studies or potential effects on reproduction. This is non-negotiable. There are provable reasons not to, but no data supporting it.”

Now it is time for Dr. Lynn Fynn’s large following to move to the other content platforms that allow the doctor the freedom to share vital medical updates during this ongoing crisis.

Dr. Fynn contributes articles to America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) under a pseudonym to protect her family. America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization that seeks to protect Americans’ choices in healthcare “by empowering doctors working on the front lines” of America’s healthcare challenges.

If you are interested in continuing to engage with Dr. Fynn’s work and to advance her ideas, we encourage you to visit her posts on the AFLDS site. She has also stared a new Telegram feed, which is growing very quickly.