Are both sides of the political spectrum in a race to Hell while they both grab onto the Law Enforcement Football?

We have crimes against humanity occurring now.

Rather than obsess on “Insurrectionists” that are not a real thing or Black Lives Matter, the Feds must get out of this hyper-politicized space, dismissing and shedding cases if necessary, and pushing this enforcement to the states if its really even necessary. Right now, we need to determine to what extent our scientific establishment and public health agencies have been compromised and captured by revolving doors, cash, funding flows, media company ad budgets, grant fraud, science fraud etc.

For better or worse, mankind embarked over the last 12 months in humanity’s most risky experiment. We can’t be certain that diagnoses are accurate, patients are accurately assessed and their ailments properly counted. There is extensive suggestion of data smuggling. If we were experiencing a pubic health crisis involving strokes, heart damage and/or immunosuppression issues, would our public health system accurately identify it or would it collude in its concealment?

We need all federal resources, the talented federal prosecutors and agents and auditors from the FBI along with the agents and auditors from the different IG’s, to flood the zone and investigate public health officials and research establishment and their connections, communications, conflicts, and money flows from Big Pharma.