About Me

Bradford L. Geyer draws upon 21 years of extensive experience in investigations, prosecutions, and program management through a multitude of investigations and prosecutions with the alphabet soup of enforcement agencies both inside and outside the United States. Working with an experienced team of attorneys and “FormerFeds,” former investigative agents from the FBI and other agencies, his risk assessments are informed by evolving organizational dynamics between and among investigative and prosecutorial teams; relationships that form across agencies through the ebb and flow of investigations and agency initiatives, reassignments and retirements. Agents, prosecutors and management chains all react differently to inter-agency competition, their resource allocation decisions are all effected by a multiplicity of concerns, including management priorities and perceptions about likelihood of success. What are the official rationales for devoting resources to or withdrawing resources from an investigation? How does management chain risk tolerance affect resourcing and and how does this affect likely outcomes? What are the effects of the investigative team configuration and how effectively will it transition into the prosecutorial team? How can game theory inform analysis and predictability? How does a change in political party affect these tolerances and resourcing allocations?   In any complex defense or in any effort to eliminate or mitigate risk, these are just a few of the factors that should be extensively monitored, informing tactics and strategy in real time. Mr. Geyer brings his unique perspective to answering such questions and delivering results.