Bradford L. Geyer, Esq.

Brad Geyer

Mr.Geyer draws upon 24 years of extensive experience in investigations, prosecutions, criminal defense, and program management both inside and outside the United States. Working with an experienced team of professionals and subject matter experts, his internal investigations and risk assessments are informed by this real world diversity of experience. Uncharacteristically, his complex defenses are often oriented around “playing on offense” because experience shows this is to be the least expensive, most expeditious manner to get complex matters resolved. Counterintuitively, these time tested strategies also carry the least organizational risk.

Mr. Geyer’s Specialties:
Crisis Management
International Antitrust Cartel Prosecutions
Mandatory Disclosure in a Complex, International Setting
International Compliance
Financial Crimes
Procurement Fraud
Electronic Discovery
Grand Jury Practice
FCPA, Wire Fraud, Money Laundering, AML
Internal Investigations
Qui Tams

Brad is licensed to practice law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.