Facebook Undercover Meme Asset, BeeLee Guyer, shares what getting “banned” by Facebook looks like from the inside

For short twitter storm backstory on BeeLeeMeme click here (excuse typos). Mild mannered meme by day, but All Purpose American Meme fighting to secure freewill, free expression on the public square, by night. That’s what the BeeLee meme had evolved into, but originally, back in 2015, he was just a humble meme created from the horror of noticing that everyone had stopped talking. Worse, when I mentioned it, no one cared. Many thought it was good that no one was saying dumb things anymore. That’s one way to look at it, but I saw us becoming balkanized and normal discussions, that occurred in the past to allow for adjustments and tweaks, where we cut each other slack, and helped us stay within range of each other,…stopped. Shockingly, to me at least– no one else seemed that troubled by this new development–Americans under 40 had abandoned Facebook and, on platforms where they could still be found, few engaged in what we formerly considered meaningful expression.

I spoke to a stodgy Republican headhunter who expressed the strong opinion that anyone saying anything on social media gets their resume put right in the trash can. (Hmmm, I thought, that is one hell of an enforcement mechanism and we’ll see what system that evolves into in 20 years for your kids). Everyone seemed to express a new consensus that the public square was for cat pictures and family photos and I noticed that the power of public image, that now had to be projected by each of us consistently across platforms, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc., that also stored every utterance for eternity and monitored us, all required structuring around a new greatest common denominator, hedged against future developments in mores that were already cascading. The safest course, lets face it, is to say nothing to nobody ever. And here we seem to be and, let’s face it, things are getting worse. This (whatever “this” is) is smothering everyone, most of all our kids who now can’t make the slightest mistake and many of whom can’t debate and see no purpose in it. So, basically, when I was engaging in BeeLeeMeme, BeeLeeCooking, BeeLeeKareoke, BeeLee health and fitness advice (I weigh 270lbs), and otherwise engaging in human exchange, I wasn’t enjoying it, I doing it for the children (straight face). Actually it was fun and in this business it helps if you don’t have the embarrassment gene, but it was mostly a reaction to these disturbing trends I started noticing in 2011. It also used to be more fun exercising the attorney tendency to argue the other side of cases and I enjoyed honing debate skills, canoodling and cajoling, etc. I also hoped to show people on different sides of the spectrum that these issues can be discussed while remaining civil.

I also used the BeeLeeMeme to track a steady decline in civility and a narrowing of the American critical brain. This accelerated in 2015 until…well until now I guess. It’s bad. Don’t kill the messenger. C’mon, you can admit it: you don’t want your kids growing up under these preposterous rules. Even so, it was a lot more fun back in the old days, prior to the pandemic rolling in, that is when the SGR and things got particularly unpleasant. IN May, Facebook was banning and censoring peer reviewed scientific articles. Thinking this bizarre, BeeLeeMeme got wilder and more outlandish, trying just about everything he could to be offensive to try to get flagged, banned. He couldn’t. To this day, I don’t think BeeLeeMeme was ever flagged for anything political, off-color, insensitive, etc., the things you usually hear complaints about. But since around March-April, if BeeLeeMeme published a peer reviewed scientific study or advocated for physicians saving lives, or in treating the US like a malaria zone to prevent a pandemic, etc. that’s what drew the ire of the censors. I thought this was bizarre and disturbing and I developed a passion to figuring out the big question: Why?

One aspect of this national disaster of splitting our country into two realities that is both disturbing and dangerous, is that those inside the monopoly media world view that skews left (whether through conditioning or by reaching it independently), have no awareness of what a typical American goes through who is outside that media world view (for display purposes I’ll call that the “dome”). Half of the country “in the dome” is virtually untouched by obvious censorship and is unaware of media “curation,” in part because there is less need to censor, but also because the censorship tools are more graceful because programming developed around that thought cluster earlier than for people outside the dome. That’s a working hypothesis. The other half of the country, the half of the country that skews right, the half of the country whose opinions fall outside the media curated “consensus” dome, encounters more censorship on a daily basis that is heavy handed and less refined. It’s also unbelievably irritating and counter productive.

Come with me my esteemed fellow American from “the Left.” Let’s now peer behind the majestic BeeLeeMeme Facebook command console so that you can see what it looks like to be “unpersoned” as a Facebook user –“banned” if you will–where the user is separated from his ability to communicate about his content as his relationships are short circuited. For BeeLee to have copped a 30 day ban, his crimes must have been really serious right? That is a reasonable assumption, but let’s have a look at what his thought crimes were:

Today I (BeeLeeMeme’s handler) posted a briefing on FB explaining to a newsgroup of great Americans (Hydroxychloroquine Access Now) planned activities to get Hydroxychloroquine “over the counter” so the pandemic can be over by Christmas. #HCQOTC #happyxmasCovid19isover (if you want it) (Mark Zuckerberg orders you NOT to use these hashtags)

The posted video promptly disappeared and some poor Facebook legal intern is now suffering through it (and digesting it–poor kid). I saw a screen that indicated BeeLee had a 30 day ban. I quickly went to review BeeLeeMeme’s account to see what was wrong with the account and this is what I saw:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-38.png
I previously had seen this warning and wrote a quick blurb about it here. we’ll talk more about “community standards,” but this basically means “what Facebook thinks it needs to ban protect its panoply of special privileges. I was banned and it was lifted, but then it seemed, the reprieve was reversed and I was banned again. My hypothesis is that AI is determining a ban is called for, but there is a human mod, who is reversing the bans.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-47-1024x714.png
I clicked over to main page and saw the “account restricted.” Notice the proper “All American Meme form” you’d expect where I use all available real estate to taunt Facebook mod drones at every opportunity. In BeeLee’s final round of battles with mods since March, he was actually disappointed when he detected human moments among the mods which made it hard to continue objectifying them, but BeeLeeMeme is vulcan in that respect. I remain hopeful one or more of these mods may help us behind the scenes or even contact us confidentially (don’t even try to complain about my pronouns being confusing–that ship has sailed!)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-48.png
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-49.png
Yikes. BeeLee has quite a rap sheet. He has been a naughty meme. Most of these violations I can’t see when I click on them. I think that’s from Alice in Wonderland. Facebook’s “automatic janitor” eliminates evidence of suppression and censorship and (The janitorial rules may have evolved over the last six months, but I would have to study that)
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-50.png
Here is the August 6th violation “we can win this. Together we can save thousands of lives. This originated from a prior post that had been removed entitled “COME ON BOYS! Hydroxychloroquine Can Beat Covid GIVE US A HAND (sic)!” Wow, with sentiments like these no wonder BeeLeeMeme is public meme enemy #1! Off with his head!
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-46.png
The above post is about an actual event that is consistent with saving lives. A US physician, following all pertinent US and state laws prescribed and a patient got filled a prescription for prophylaxis HCQ. By the way, I had already been on HCQ prophylaxis for two months at this point (June 15). I started in Vietnam that has HCQOTC and it HAS UNDER 50 TOTAL DEATHS

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-52.png

I won’t make this case here, but trust me (Brad, not BeeLee who is known to say just about everything), the above study is one of the most reliable and fraud free studies that I saw that came out on HCQ during this reserach fraud rich time. Few studies have held up this well (hat’s off to researchers on this study)

But the indictment counts above causing a 30 day ban was triggered (and lifted thanks-Mods) by the fours posts above?! This is why the cave walls of Facebook’s den network is adorned with BeeLeeMeme wanted dead or alive posters?!

Now I am jaded as hell and have seen many terrible things in my day, but the two community standards assertions by Facebook triggered a strong fear in me that Facebook was aiding and abetting mass death, possibly with some level of intent that could meet the “willfully blind” standard AT BEST. The one above regarding the prophylaxis (two above) and this one (immediately above) regarding the Ford Study made me feel weak and physically sick.

The four posts above that resulted in a 30 day ban were submitted on the issue that hydroxychloroquine functions as a prophylaxis and a cure. Those assertions are true and no amount of obfuscation from corruption, rigged studies, incompetence, payola or Facebook suppression is going to change that.

It appears these posts were suppressed and this ban was imposed by Facebook precisely because this information would have helped to promote public health and save lives.