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#Megan Paradise (a/k/a #meganparadise #magamessagetaker) is reported to have been dropped from the FBI most wanted list. Paradise was extremely active in the morning at the ellipse exhorting rally attendees to march the Capitol (see video below). She then marched with her standard issue, GSA catalog bullhorn, she exhorted rally attendees and dozens of agents provocateur’s to storm the Capitol. She herself “stormed” the Capitol (in the sense that, like so many others, she walked up and onto the East steps and then, once onto the steps, breaches were orchestrated by highly trained breach teams, and she and others walked up to the Columbus doors.

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Paradise was among many like her who had been issued bullhorns and Trump paraphernalia who used common tactics and training and seem to have coordinated with Ray Epps and others regarding a common scheme or plan.

To read about Ray Epps see Revolver One and Revolver Two.

Paradise’s activities are captured on many videos, but, unfortunately, her activities are largely on video that remains sealed by the government–that show her encouraging her fellow agents provocateur to storm the Capitol and “take our house back,” steal police shields (which is a standard tactic of agents provocateur), break the door and she also engages in other chants.

Meanwhile, after putting in a full morning entrapping rally attendees at the ellipse, Epps and his third party affiliates reported for duty in the Northwest which was a choke point for crowds marching towards the capitol. Peaceful crowds will not breach barriers and they will not attack police. You need professionals for that. If professional breach teams do the work, removing the barriers, ordinary people have no sense that they are operating outside lawful safe harbors. This is why Epps team and other teams removed signage and barriers: to lull otherwise law abiding Americans into a trap.

The other benefit around breach teams is that they put police into a risk position and when police are put into risk positions they sometimes respond less than perfectly which is the case here. Perceived overreaction by police against peaceful crowds, often provoked by professional highly trained agents provocateurs,’ is the desired goal. That dynamic was on full display on January 6th.

In this case you had some of the best professional provocateurs’ working with Epps.