Don’t Be A-Sheep!

Carolyn Blakeman


American Granddaughter

Something is off. Anyone else find this strange? … Taiwan, a country that has 24 million people stacked on top of each other (17th most densely populated country), located right next to China…. only has had 7 covid deaths and 449 cases.

But here’s the catch… they are NOT in an election year, they are NOT a member of the WHO (World Health Organization) and their mass media is one of the freest most competitive in all of Asia.

If you don’t think their is alternate agenda being orchestrated here and this virus isn’t being used for politics and money, then you hang out with Little Bo Peep.

Keep people sick, scared and broke hurts Trump.
Keep people sick and spreading makes the need for a vaccine and vaccines equal lots of money. Big Pharma and individuals have dumped a lot of money in the covid vaccine race. If it contained, we won’t need it and they lose.

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