Does the FDA or NYT display more stupidity, incompetence, corruption, and/or willful blindness?

For those playing along at home, the FDA treatment protocol:

  1. prevents early treatment,
  2. prevents early treatment with off-patent solutions that work like #HCQ and #Ivermectin, and then,
  3. makes the patient wait while the virus gains control over the patient until,
  4. s/he is admitted into hospital where they can be
  5. administered with IV remdesivir (veklury).

These 5 step program, mandated by the FDA, is the proximate cause of inflated hospitalizations and death. I previously made fun of the ridiculous media narrative here.

Is there a battle over peak failure? At some point does a scheme require so much suspended disbelief that it falls under its own weight? Is anyone going to throw the flag here? I am beginning to lose faith.

But please spare me the crocodile tears and breathless “reporting” New York Times. If you were really broken up about it, you might consider fulfilling the duties of your profession and maybe grill some FDA officials regarding every detail about how this monstrosity came into being as a “treatment protocol” or, more aptly named, “mistreatment protocol.” Better yet, call for Congressional hearings or, even better, an IG investigation. But in any event, please do your job.

The endless journey continues. Thanks Dick.

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