Why the Rejection of Ivermectin ?

Carolyn Blakeman


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Unfortunately, once again, I am writing on the suppression of real science and the deliberate misinformation/noninformation campaign regarding a decades old medication for the prevention and treatment of Covid19.

On September 8th, after 2 months of research, I posted an article on Facebook and my blog about the controversial drug, hydroxychloroquine. The blog was long, detailed and backed by enormous amounts of scientific research, studies, publications, and opinions of Covid19 doctors. It covered the success of HCQ being used as a prophylaxis and in early treatment in many countries around the world. I also covered the microbiology of the virus and how the medication works against SARS-CoV2, and finally ended with my opinion on why the American people are being denied what science clearly says is an effective early treatment against Covid19. For the record, I still believe in the evidence and the effectiveness of HCQ being used as a prophylactic and in early treatment, however, I have come across another drug that is showing to be extremely effective not only as a prophylactic but also in all stages of the disease. Therefore, I am writing another article on the drug, Ivermectin (IVM), and why it is being hidden from the American people via the media, government agencies, politicians, and social media. Instead of concluding with my opinions about the reasons for the war against using IVM, I am going to keep this article completely scientific and just talk about the facts and let the evidence speak for itself. I will be including many of the studies that prove the efficacy of the drug, success stories from reputable doctors, IVM protocols used by other countries and some personal stories from regular people.

First, let us discuss what Ivermectin is, its history and why it works on SARS-COV2. Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic. Most people know of it being used on animals, like horses and dogs to treat heartworms and other parasites. It is also widely used by people to combat parasites that infect populations largely in third world countries. Ivermectin was discovered in 1975 and came into medical use in 1981. It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines and won the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for its efficacy in a number of parasitic diseases. Ok, let
us get a little technical for a minute and dive into why Ivermectin works against covid19:

1. It prevents viral entry into the host cells. Sars-Cov-2 has spike proteins that bind with the human cells ACE-2 protein on the cell membrane. Think of it as a lock and key. Ivermectin binds to the spike protein and dismembers the virus, inhibiting it to enter their target human cells.

2. Ivermectin prevents viral entry into the nucleus of the cells. The virus attaches onto a hetereodimer protein called Importin a/ Importin b-1, which transports the virus into the cell nucleus. The virus shuts down the nucleus which in turn suppresses immune response to fight against it. IVM inhibits the heterodimer protein so the virus can not attach to be transported in our cells.

3. IVM, inhibits genomic transcription and translation. IVM has been found to cause inhibition of the enzyme, helicase. Helicase is necessary in the viral replication process.

4. The virus causes cytokine storms which leads to Acute Respiratory Distress syndrome from the overwhelming viral proliferation. IVM is a potent immune system modulator and suppresses the cytokine storms and calms the immune system.

5. Ivermectin has shown to prevent vascular occlusion caused by hyper coagulation of blood by interfering with receptors of the virus, preventing the hypercoagulability state.

6. Interferon are like bullets made by the immune system to fight the virus. Ivermectin stimulates interferon production.

Now let us look at countries around the world who are using Ivermectin with huge success. In some countries, people take it regularly a few times a year to prevent parasitic infections like River Blindness.

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