Was pandemic response compromised by the questionable immunities conferred under the Prep Act?

Over at Compilation of Scientific and Medical Research, Data, & Reports a strange observation is made in Corruption of Health Regulatory Organizations, Big Pharma and Media

“It appears that the Prep Act had been amended such that private hospitals and entities were covered in their actions taken with c19 patients and relieved of all liability as long as they were prescribing ‘Covered Countermeasures’. ie. NIH approved medications. This may be why hospitals are refusing to use effective COVID treatments like vitamin D, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, etc.” 

This raises the specter of internal agency sabotage of the pandemic response that killed countless Americans. It’s hard to imagine that The Secretary and those around the Secretary were unaware in March 2020 (when liability amendments were being discussed) about the threat that repurposed drugs like hydroxychloroquine posed to upcoming EUA’s for remdesivir, a dangerous drug that did not work, and to experimental vaccines. It would be interesting to review the inter-agency and intra agency communications by email and text around this time.