AMA makes shameful public statement regarding Ivermectin and public health

This is shameful and makes me wonder if the US healthcare system, that was considered among the world’s best, can ever recover. Early treatment with Ivermectin or early treatment with hydroxychloroquine, both of which are extremely safe and effective, have no competitor other than no treatment at all outside of a hospital at advanced disease states. Its not a choice between Ivermectin and something else. The choice is between no medication (incubating the virus at home until it infects your organs and causes a cytokine storm when you are admitted to hospital and, mystifyingly, get remdesivir that does not work and may kill you) or getting early treatment and shedding the virus in a few days like Joe Rogan. Everyone knows this and some will confidentially admit that hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin can’t be permitted to be used because they would end the pandemic in a span of of weeks. The EUA’s for the experimental vaccines, that were fraudulently obtained, would be revoked and we could return to normal, crank up investigations and get down to the bottom of just how badly America was betrayed.