vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin B12 therapy improves C19 outcomes

Cohort study to evaluate the effect of vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin B 12 in combination on progression to severe outcomes in older patients with coronavirus (COVID-19)

Chuen Wen Tan 1Liam Pock Ho 2Shirin Kalimuddin 3Benjamin Pei Zhi Cherng 4Yii Ean Teh 4Siew Yee Thien 4Hei Man Wong 4Paul Jie Wen Tern 4Manju Chandran 5Jason Wai Mun Chay 6Chandramouli Nagarajan 1Rehena Sultana 7Jenny Guek Hong Low 3Heng Joo Ng 8

Conclusions: A vitamin D / magnesium / vitamin B12 combination in older COVID-19 patients was associated with a significant reduction in the proportion of patients with clinical deterioration requiring oxygen support, intensive care support, or both. This study supports further larger randomized controlled trials to ascertain the full benefit of this combination in ameliorating the severity of COVID-19.

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