Loving Sister Warns USA: Remdesivir and Patient Abuse Killed My Brother

#16 Humanity Betrayal Remembrance Project records the experience of “Kathy” who tells her story about how patient abuse, remdesivir (veklury) and other drugs, imposed by FDA killer protocol, stole her loving Brother, Rob’s life.

Kathy lost her brother, Rob, to Remdesivir and patient abuse. This occurs every day in America and Kathy has created this video as a testament to the Rob’s tortured passing. She provided this painful account so that you or your loved one might be saved from what she and her Brother endured.

#1 Takeaway: treat with Ivermectin as prophylaxis, early and even late. Ivermectin is safe and it actually works in contrast to Remdesivir that tortures and kills you.

The FormerFedsGroup.Org (FFFF) is gathering evidence, recording it (including victim witness accounts) and preserving it to assist law firms and enforcement agencies in the United States in seeking justice.

Victims of Remdesivir are welcome to join our Remdesivir Support Group and Action Committee for Justice by emailing [email protected].

Don’t let American hospitals or American doctors kill your loved one with Remdesivir. It is a toxic drug that is not efficacious and if you have any doubts just review the research below. Be very careful because witnesses report an array of schemes to circumvent informed consent or give the medication without consent.

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This research deck below (current through October 2020) and the research that has come out since this time looks EVEN WORSE. Remdesivir was pulled from experiments involving Nigerian children in August 2019 because it was KILLING THEM and somehow Anthony Fauci’s associates arranged it so that all Americans could 1) not receive early treatment or prophylaxis and 2) once admitted into a hospital they would get this killer Remdesivir drug.

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Based on public information, a presumption that Crimes Against Humanity have occurred becomes reasonable and anyone who has had their loved one killed correlated to Remdesivir (or other outrageous “medical” treatment) needs to preserve the records. Request these records now. You will want to hold onto them because this terrible interlude in American history will eventually be the subject if intense investigation and as soon as we can get the nation’s very talented agents and prosecutors focused on actual national security threats, we are hopeful they will have keen interest in your account and records.

Help us collect and store evidence of these Crimes against Humanity and ensure the information is preserved in multiple and redundant locations. Also, make sure others know where this information can be found. Take the time to video your account and store it.