NJ Widow warns America about Remdesivir and Death Protocol Imposed by CDC and FDA (2 pm est world premier)

Why are US public health agencies so intent on killing Americans? Why won’t they stop? Please stop.

Lisa’s husband contracted Covid and was not improving at home. So Lisa dropped him off at the hospital never suspecting it would be the last time she would be with him while he was still alive.

Her beloved husband received Remdesivir. It was January 2021. During the interview we gasped when she shared her fleeting thought–a fear really–as she glanced her husband through the window into the hospital waiting area, that flashed through her mind that she quickly dismissed, prompted the strangeness of being separated from him by hospital mandate: What if this is the last time I ever see him?

Lisa’s thought, that momentarily fleeted through her mind, was quickly dismissed as anyone might suppress an unproductive fear or negative thought upon admission at a top hospital in the United States. He has the best care. I can’t be with him because it is not safe. He is in good hands now.

She is now learning to coexist with that fleeting that has now devolved into a dreadful sense of regret.

What if she had grabbed, him, thrown him back into the car, cared for him herself and got him ivermectin?!

On Day 5 of the killer drug regimen they were offered a second, 5-day course of Remdesvir treatment. This would have been 10 days of Remdesivir for a 10 day Remdesivir study (we have the documents). Like so many loved ones of Remdesivir victims, Lisa is an attentive and diligent who follows through on everything–skills that in these times could not have protected her husband from Remdesivir and unconscionable FDA and CDC protocols.

Although she did not suspect at that time the extent of the betrayal about Remdesivir, something told both of them that the care her husband received seemed “off,” his condition had sunk soon after beginning the Remdesvir, and his health by days 2-3 had begun to crater.

Lisa generously shares her and her husband’s entire story. It is an account of neglect and government mandated abuse imposed by government mandate.

As an American, educate yourself about what the state of the Remdesivir science was in January 2021 and ask yourself if its reasonable that a top hospital in America, would be enrolling dying patients in January 2021–already weakened on a 5 day course of Remdesivir, into a second 5 day course of “therapy” on this deadly drug?

Don’t rely on your own physician and don’t rely on corrupted and captured public health officials to tell you what your opinion should be. Develop your own educated opinion. Why? Because so few can be trusted. How? You can make your own judgement because we have made it easy for you. The research deck below lays out the scientific record as it would have existed for any doctors running this study in January 2021 at the nation’s top hospital.

there was no justification for ten days of Remdesivir. Let’s stop the lying.

On the below deck would have been the research that anyone would have reviewed and fully understood to begin enrolling study participants in a Remdesivir 10 day trial. After reviewing the deck, would you give anyone this drug? Read the research deck. Read it carefully. Study it. Does it seem seem reasonable that anyone would be getting remdesivir at all, let alone a second 5 day course of treatment for a total of 10 days on this toxic drug?

What the hell is going on? If this is happening at a nation’s top hospital what on Earth is happening in less prestigious hospital organizations? We recall senior citizens of the WWII generation harboring a deep fear about hospitals. We never understood the basis for this deep mistrust and abject fear. Now we understand. This is why. The system has corrupted itself to such a degree, it’s unclear how it can ever recover.

This is a national scandal of unprecedented proportions. The country is in the embroiled in cascading Crimes Against Humanity. Public Health agencies–household names with reputations and good will based on decades of public service–turned into dust spouting directives that only the uninformed and the “yet to be victimized” would ever heed. No one should get Remdesivir.

Lisa’s husband deserved better. Lisa deserved better. Their families deserved better. We as Americans deserve better. We need “across the board” termination of GS15 leadership and above at all the nation’s top public health agencies. They need to be investigated.

We need amnesty and leniency programs for treating physicians and nurses that relied on these FDA and CDC death protocols and who want to make full disclosures to help the system end this practice and to begin addressing this health care and national security crisis.

Do your own research. Educate yourself. Do not rely on public health agencies because pursuing corrupt and dangerous agendas that have killed countless Americans wantonly at best, with craven and criminal intention at worst.

Most of all we need a task force of the most talented prosecutors and investigative agencies, with authority flowing from multiple investigative grand juries, to get the the bottom of the depravity and hold everyone accountable.