Easter and Passover Restore Hope: Please help us redouble our efforts to end the pandemic.

1) The Liberty suit has was filed in December, 2020. Covexit.Com writes about it here. The Liberty suit shows that from the pandemic’s outset, elected representatives had their responses compromised by heads of public health agencies (pages 46 through 108). We need your assistance in helping us get this complaint and its pages 46 to 108 to President Biden and elected and appointed officials.

2) HCQ and Ivermectin were prophylaxis and treatment solutions that could have blunted or averted the pandemic entirely. We reasonably assumed the American system would adjust to this miraculous deliverance afforded by these time-tested drugs, we took solace in early high level support for hydroxychloroquine and thought we would were on our way to averting a pandemic. Alas, hydroxychloroquine’s potential hit a brick wall built by many masons. The curative and preventative properties of ivermectin began to punch through to public awareness towards the end of 2020. Since this time we have made significant gains in increasing awareness and establishing access for Americans to these miraculous drugs.

3) You may have watched with us in horror as our taxpayer funded “experts” like Dr. Fauci gave tragically bad advice to elected officials at every turn and turned a blind eye to these pandemic averting, off-patent, godsend drugs like HCQ and Ivermectin. They treated Vitamin D like it was a national secret. Can you recall anyone mentioning the word: “zinc?” They can, even today, end the pandemic in a few weeks by unleashing HCQ and Ivermectin to Americans. Instead, to our horror back then that has matured to revulsion and disgust now, we witnessed taxpayer funded “experts” facilitate research fraud schemes. We saw bureaucrats become instruments of evil who, whether through conspiracy, conscious parallelism or commonality of interests that had completely diverged from public health and the interests of Americans and the elected officials who served them, converged in the dark of night to hobble, maim and then dispatch any competition of their favored new, on-patent drugs like Remdesivir or their Holy Grail– a first ever RNA vaccine that would arrive too late for hundreds of thousands of Americans. Now we have three vaccines all of which are in various experimental stages. Accomplishing these schemes required fraud and corruption at historically unprecedented levels; it required a black heart, manipulation, psychological abuse and debased morals. It required public servants–a few actual physicians–to throw sick Americans under the bus, denying them efficacious medicines, and many of whom were sacrificed, abandoned, mistreated and cut off from their families. Many Americans didn’t make it through. All required cutting off the nation’s physicians and nursing staff from accurate medical advisories and protocols.

4) Even today there are many American deaths daily because of an indefensible and unconscionable FDA protocol that has no defense. One day, assuming there is still Justice in America, officials will be called to account for these abominations rather than be given awards or fawning praise that is as undeserved as it is vacuous. Perhaps an accounting of the truth–which is coming–will provide a foundation for terminations and harsh legal action. For now, the total control of the system by these unprincipled and corrupt individuals combined with a lack of interest in what used to be known as “investigative journalism,” suppresses any discussion and this obfuscation blanket reigns supreme.

5) The implied criticism that can be found on pages 46 through 108 of the complaint generally exculpates elected politicians from all sides to varying degrees. I know that will disappoint many Americans in the hyper-politicized present, but our system accounted for the political machinations engaged in by both political parties jockeying for power. What it did not anticipate is a permanent, taxpayer funded, liveried class of public “servants” who long ago forgot that their primary purpose was to protect public health and safety of Americans. Here is a synopsis paragraph of the suit so there are no mysteries about what we believe happened.:

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So our efforts will continue:

A) prove that elected officials received incomplete and false information from public health agencies. In my view, elected officials did pretty well given the horrendous advice they were given.

B) show President Biden that his predecessor’s physicians were deceived to take him off HCQ in ~June and to administer him Remdesivir in September (Go here if you want to deep dive on Remdesvir and what a poor drug it is and how suspicious it is that it obtained FDA approvals),

C) convince President Biden to invalidate the FDA treatment protocol which is killing Americans. This is the protocol that prevents early treatment, prevents use of HCQ and IVM, and holds back treatment until Americans get so sick they have to be hospitalized where they are receive Remdesivir (Veklury) that DOES NOT SAVE ANYONE.

D) Relying on ample, but alternative expert advice, we need to convince President Biden to do whatever is necessary to make HCQ and IVM “over the counter.” Watch this to see why.

E) If we turn on the persuasion, the pressure and the creativity, there is no reason the pandemic can’t be popularly considered “over” by Passover/Easter. That is how MIRACULOUS early treatment can be and there are numerous COURAGEOUS PHYSICIANS, NURSES AND RESEARCHERS who know this full well.

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