Husband survives Remdesivir with special help from Wife

Even two spouses with decades in the health care industry had to think “outside the box” to survive a 2021 USA hospital admission for Covid-19.

Husband Joey and his Wife, Pam, are both nurses with decades of public service and nursing experience between them.

In late July 2021, Joey and Pam both came down with Covid-19. Pam recovered without incident, but Joey did not. Pam believes the disparity in severity of their illnesses may have been in regard to the difference in their nutrition and supplements. The net effect was that Joey got progressively worse and was admitted to hospital. Joey was given 5 days of remdesivir. Each day of his remdesivir treatment saw his condition deteriorate and Pam was able to correspond each remdesivir treatment to his declining lab reports.

Remdesivir is a deadly drug and it remains a mystery, uninvestigated by the FBI or Offices of Inspector’s General, how this drug could have been awarded Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to administer it to millions of unsuspecting American victims, many of whom have died.

Countless American victims of this killer drug cry out to the FBI and Inspectors General: “please help! you took an oath to address public harms and crimes like these!”

The FDA’s Death protocol is below.

Joey and Pam had a unique approach which both credit to saving Joey’s life and in the process discovered keys that made Joey’s survival possible:

1) Do not take remdesivir under any circumstances

2) Pam helped coach Joey on building lung capacity. She had Joey in his weakened state put the phone to his ear and and like a life coach briefed him on his condition and drilled him on what he needed to accomplish to stay alive. Most of the time this was helping him stay focused on breathing.

3) Pam fought to visit Joey in person and Joey credits one 10 minute visit in particular with Pam as having given him the will to fight for life. Human contact=survival (How is it that the Nation imposed a nationwide policy that isolated the country’s most vulnerable from their next of kin and caregivers, often sentencing to dying alone? The origin and execution of these official decisions must be investigated). Pam snapped a selfie documenting their 10 minute meeting below. Joey believes that had this 10 minute meeting not have occurred, he likely would have succumbed to his Remdesivir injuries because a major part of him wanted to give up.

4) Pam smuggled Ivermectin and other supplements in the I-Mask protocol to Joey (hidden with books). Joey had to navigate taking the medication without being seen. Here is the protocol Pam followed. YOU MUST ENGAGE IN SELF HELP BECAUSE USA hospital protocols will kill you. Where is the FBI??? Where is Congress??? Where is the White House??? Where are Governors??? W

5) Pam and Joey state emphatically that nutrition is key to survival. Pam took extensive steps to provide Joey with additional protein and calories. His body was burning through massive calories just lying immobile in bed fighting the damage that had been done to his body. WE have heard MANY ACCOUNTS of patients not receiving proper nutrition in USA hospitals.

If you have survived remdesivir or lost a loved after receiving Remdesivir, we would like to hear about it. If you are a nurse or a physician struggling to get your account out, please send us an email so that we can help you do so.

Please send an email to [email protected]. Pam and Joey can be reached at [email protected]

#1 Takeaway: treat with Ivermectin as prophylaxis, early and even late. It works in contrast to Remdesivir that tortures and kills you.

FormerFedsGroup.Org is gathering evidence, recording it (including victim witness accounts) to assist law firms and enforcement agencies in the United States in seeking justice. Victims of Remdesivir are welcome to join our Remdesivir Support Group and Action Committee for Justice by emailing [email protected]