LinkedIn has banned Steve Kirsch for life for making 3 truthful comments

The United States Has Already Becoming a Censorship and Surveillance State

This is a truly alarming development. Censorship apparatus on the social media platforms is tightening and becoming stricter. Nothing seems to be moderating. Here is Kirsch’s substack offering about his most recent abuse at the hands of Linkedin. Twitter already banned him. Please consider joining his substack to support of a devoted and inciteful American thought leader while fighting censorship and American decline.

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Christmas came early for me. LinkedIn has determined that three of my posts were so egregious that I should be banned for life from LinkedIn. It’s now as if I never existed.

LinkedIn is the sole judge, jury, and executioner of what constitutes “misleading or inaccurate” information and whether you violate their user agreement. They can terminate you at any time, for any reason. You have no recourse.

Because I made 3 truthful, accurate statements that some people at LinkedIn considered to be misleading or inaccurate, my account (built up over nearly 20 years) is now permanently deleted.

They could have simply restricted my ability to post. Instead, they chose to expunge my entire identity so nobody will ever know I existed. Wow.

Instead of simply restricting my ability to post, they basically wiped out my entire identity so nobody can even see who I am anymore or what I accomplished. My resume is gone. My awards are gone. Nobody can even find out I ever existed.

I didn’t even get a chance to copy my profile before they wiped me out. All my contacts are gone. The record of my 7 companies I started: gone.

No one will be able to lookup my history there anymore. It’s like burning books in the library.

Wikipedia did the same thing to me. They removed the mention that I received a National Caring Award as retribution for speaking out about vaccine safety.

This can happen to you if you too disagree with mainstream thought.

America today is about conformity with mainstream thought. If you disagree, you lose your job, lose your ability to communicate, and they remove any record of your existence.

I’m now lifetime banned on Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, and sendgrid. The reason I am not yet banned on Facebook and YouTube is because I never post there anymore. That’s the trick. Just stop posting anything that goes against mainstream thinking and you won’t be banned.

This sends a chilling message to America when free speech is restricted like this

Social networks are the new “town hall.” Being arbitrarily terminated from a large social network because they disagreed with my views, is simply stunning.

I can’t use email either because if an email provider decides they don’t like what you are saying in your private emails, they can ban you as well. I’m permanently banned from sendgrid, for example, because I sent one email to my personal contacts that fluvoxamine was effective against COVID. That’s all it took. They deleted my account and all my contacts without warning and without any ability to recover them.

What’s next?

  1. Will my Internet provider be next to drop my internet service because they don’t like the emails I send? Today, they are under the jurisdiction of the FCC, but laws can be changed at any time so that the government can better silence critics like me.
  2. Will every bank close my bank account?
  3. Will PayPal terminate my PayPal account like they did for the National Vaccine Information Center?
  4. Will grocery stores be required to check IDs on entry and not let you buy food if you are on a “critical thinkers” list?

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America: where anyone who disagrees with the CDC is going to be de-platformed and intimidated

An America where if you disagree with mainstream beliefs, your ability to communicate with others will be terminated and you will have no recourse even if everything you said is absolutely true.

Truthful speech is not protected in America.

Biden’s “Disinformation Dozen” list is wrong and sets a dangerous precedent.

It is stunning to me that the leader of the free world is advocating for censorship of free speech.

He’s supported in his call for censorship by every member of Congress (none of whom have spoken out against this) and by all the mainstream media (again, none speak out against this list and the dangerous precedent it sets).

We are truly living in a new America.

Here’s the final word from LinkedIn:

Here’s what they said were the three posts that justified a permanent removal of my account (without possibility of download):

Response (12/14/2021 08:56 CST)

Hi Steve,

Your account was restricted due to multiple violations of LinkedIn’s User Agreement and Professional Community Policies against sharing content that contains misleading or inaccurate information:

  1. Post on 9/26/2021:  Inconvenient truth: >150,000 excess deaths in VAERS. Jeffrey Morris REFUSES to debate my team in a video RECORDED call. He writes papers but is AFRAID to have them publicly challenged.
  2. Post on 9/22/2021:  I just sent this to Eric Topol: Eric, I’m a big vaccine skeptic. I think the vaccines have killed over xxx people. Would you like to debate? You can do the world a HUGE service by showing people how ridiculous my assertions are. You can bring down all my 20 experts at the same time in a 1 hour debate. You’d end vaccine hesitancy. [had to xxx to escape censorship from LinkedIn ]
  3. Post on 9/20/2021: Nicki Minaj was telling the truth. All the authorities were wrong. The facts are all with Nicki. The authorities cited no evidence to support their position. But they are the authorities so we should believe them NO MATTER WHAT the science actually says, right? The authorities NEVER make mistakes.

Any additional violation of our terms can result in the permanent restriction of your account. We have these policies in place to help keep LinkedIn a safe, trusted and professional network for everyone.

You may appeal the restriction by responding to this email with your agreement and intent to comply with our User Agreement and our Professional Community Policies.

• User Agreement:

• Professional Community Policies:

If you have any questions regarding your appeal you can reply to this email. Thank you for being part of the LinkedIn community.



LinkedIn Member Safety and Recovery Consultant

Actions you can take

If you agree that it is important to preserve our ability to communicate with others, please take the following actions now (while you still can).

  1. Please forward this post on all your social media accounts.
  2. Express your opinion of LinkedIn in the comments below.
  3. Join Gab now. Follow me there. Please vote in the two polls I just posted on Gab:
    1. Do you support Biden’s call for censoring Americans who disagree with him?
    2. Do you think LinkedIn made the right decision in expunging Kirsch’s account?

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