Warning To Humanity From GES Parts 1 and 2

Part 1

Okay, here’s my immunology thing:

Here’s a link to a really interesting paper about the relationship of the innate immune system to the adaptive immune system.

The immune system is very complex with many layers of defense and all of them intercommunicating with many different levels of control.

The description in this paper of the different layers of detection and how they signal problems to the innate immune system is great.

The innate immune system is your first and really immediate line of defense before anything to do with antibodies ever happens.

Only vertebrates have the additional help of the adaptive immune system as a further line of defense. Everything else makes do pretty well with innate immune systems of various types. The adaptive immune system is a way that the innate immune system has of sharpening the focus of its attack.

It’s the innate immune system that controls the adaptive immune system, but those who designed these viral mRNA vaccines act as though the adaptive immune response is the be all and end all of the overall immune system and focus too narrowly on fiddling with one characteristic of the innate immune system as a means of manipulating the adaptive immune system.

If you lost your adaptive immune system, the innate immune system could still do its job.

If all you had was your adaptive immune system, then you’d be dead meat.

The way you know your immune system is working is the fact that you’re not dead and because most of the time you’re not sick.

The whole thing works on the basis of profiling and labels and a graded response based on location of pathogen, type of pathogen, virulence of pathogen, and the cost of the protective response.

The author points out that the cost of an infection, in terms of damage, is divided between the damage pathogens can do to your cells and the damage the immune response can do to your cells while going after the pathogens that are going after your cells.

Depending on the types, locations, numbers, and activity levels of the pathogens, the immune system starts with the least damaging immune response and escalates as necessary, that being determined by a lot of different cells monitoring conditions and changing their chemical signaling in response to changes being signaled by others as well as signals received as a result of the pathogens’ activity and the response to it of cells they are invading or cells in the vicinity.

The immune system is able to power up and power down the response as warranted. The basic principle is you don’t use a fully automatic combat shotgun when a fly swatter will do.

The innate immune system is able to detect the presence of pathogens

1. by their chemical profiles in a variety of ways:Sentinel cells at various depths of penetration can recognize the presence of pathogens in their vicinity and send out signals that there are intruders in the area. Those signals recruit natural killer cells and macrophages to the scene to kill and clean up.

2. by the effects they have on the chemical profile of blood and extracellular fluids: Since bacteria, as opposed to viruses, are metabolically active, both their waste products and their depletion of certain nutrients serve as signals to recruit cells of the innate immune system to kill and clean up.

3. by different effects they have on the cells they infect:

A. changes in cell signaling: An infected cell can produce chemical signals that indicate it’s under attack that recruits cells of the innate immune system to kill the infected cell and clean up.

B. changes in behavior:

An infected cell has its normal routine of what it does as, say, a liver cell, or a cardiac cell, or a nerve cell, or an epithelial cell, disrupted by the presence of an invading bacterium or virus messing with things, which causes the cell to behave differently which can cause internal systems to signal that something is wrong and which can also initiate a programmed cell death to take it out all of which produces chemical signals that recruit cells of the innate immune system to come to kill and clean up.

C. changes in the chemical profile of the cell:

The presence of viral RNA or DNA or viral proteins in a cell can trigger natural killer cells and macrophages to come to kill and clean up.

D. changes in the cell’s protective labeling, essentially, a “Don’t kill me. I’m one of you guys” tag:

Normally cells display protein labels on their membrane surface that identify them as self and the natural killer cells and macrophages leave them alone. But infection or other derangements result in a loss of these proteins resulting in natural killer cells and macrophages to kill the cell and clean up the mess. No reform school or counseling for those cells to get them to change their evil ways; they just get taken out with extreme prejudice.

4. by the pathogens’ lack of “Don’t kill me. I’m one of you guys” labels:

Not only can cells of the innate immune system take out self cells lacking proper ID, they do the same to undocumented pathogens they encounter.

There is no, “Oh, man. I left it home on the dresser. Just gimme a pass this time, okay? Hey, we’re both living things in God’s wonderful creation and looking for the same thing.”

The immune response is, “Well, what I’m looking for is proper ID and authorization to be in this area. If you’re really supposed to be here, you should have it. If you don’t, then something weird’s going on. My job in this part of God’s wonderful creation is to protect it from illegal aliens trying to live off it like those fucking nasty intestinal parasites or like all those STD bugs trying fuck over its long term welfare for their short term interests. Don’t like it? Tough shit. Here I’ll send you directly to God and you can make a complaint in person. Buh-bye.”

In addition, the complement system (and a couple of other factors) in the blood will lyse pathogens lacking ID, and then macrophages will clean up the mess.

Finally, an additional way that the innate immune system has of targeting bacterial and viral pathogens for killing and clean-up (though not parasitic) and other non-self antigens (small bits of the debris that cleaned up during the initial encounter, usually protein fragments of viruses and bacteria) is by labeling them with “kill me and/or clean up the mess” signs.

This part of the immune system is called the adaptive immune system and is dependent on and controlled by the innate immune system. It is essentially a system of “be on the lookout” cells that, collectively, are able to create literally millions of unique profiles of antigens collected from encounters of the innate immune system with invading viral and bacterial pathogens and other non-self substances.

It creates individually tailored labels to bind non-self antigens from the debris left from an initial encounter of the innate immune system with things that shouldn’t be there. Macrophages of the innate immune system called antigen presenting cells present them to T and B cells. Many different T cells and many different B cells are imprinted to remember an antigen by recognizing specific characteristics on it referred to as an epitope.

Though B cells can produce antibodies without T cell activation, one of the lower cost responses, they are able, in conjunction with notification by a corresponding T cell, to differentiate into plasma cells that will create and release into the bloodstream unique molecular tags that will bind to an epitope on the antigen it has learned to recognize. Those tags are called antibodies.

This is done in the course of the innate immune system fighting its initial encounter with pathogens. But it also creates a playbook for what to do in another encounter of the innate immune system with invading pathogens without having to take critical time reinventing the wheel. Innate immune system antigen presenting cells activate T cells of the adaptive immune system, essentially saying, “Hey, remember this asshole? Well, he and a whole bunch of his buddies are back. You go tell your B cell to get cracking and crank out a crapload of antibodies so we can light them all up for easy targeting and disposal.”

When notified of the reappearance of an antigen listed on what amounts to their cellular NCIS database of known offenders, they start producing antibodies. The antibodies flood through the blood in large enough quantities that at one point or another they will bump into the epitope of their target antigen and lock on. Anything tagged with these antibodies are targeted for killing, capture, and then disposal by killer cells and macrophages of the immune system.

But to make use of this adaptive portion of the immune system you

A. first have to be infected and have the innate immune system start to take out the pathogen, destroy it,

B. program the adaptive immune system with the bits and piece of the debris. Then

C. the antibody response can get underway. And if that whole immune response happens to be enough that you survive, then the memory of that pathogen in the B cells and T cells will give you a big jump the next time you get infected by it.


Instead of just hoping you’ll survive and maybe fully recover, you can skip A and go directly to B, introducing to your body what amounts to the debris collected from A but without the pain and suffering. Your innate immune system detects it as non-self junk that needs to be cleaned up; antigen presenting macrophages present it to T and B cells, which then are primed to be on the lookout.

To make sure they really get the message well enough to make an adequate response when it’s really needed, you follow up the initial shot of debris with another causing the adaptive immune system to freak out as though it was the real thing and even more T and B cells get primed to respond.

Then the next time you get infected, BECAUSE THE ADAPTIVE IMMUNE SYSTEM CANNOT PREVENT YOU FROM BEING INFECTED, WHICH MEANS THE VACCINES USED TO FAKE AN INFECTION CANNOT PREVENT YOU FROM BEING INFECTED, your adaptive immunity, as a consequence of the original infection or the faked infection, will respond so quickly to the innate immune system’s initial skirmishes with the enemy and light them all up for easy targeting, killing, and disposal that you may never even be aware of it.

Well, unless you have an antibody test and someone says, “Oh, you have C19. Let’s mark you down as a case and if you die of anything over the next four week, your death will be listed as a C19 fatality that we will then use to scare even more people into getting tested and be able to augment our C19 death total to scare even more people into uncritically accepting our vaccines.”

Part 2

So those traditional vaccines have been an ingenious solution that has proven to be a very effective way of priming the adaptive immune system in advance.

But the caveat is that it has to be primed for something it actually will encounter. If it encounters a new pathogen, it has to start from scratch.

So let’s just suppose that you want to make a vaccine containing only a single antigen of a particular pathogen, maybe to mollify all those anti-vaxxers whinging about antigen load. Then in the meantime, after vaccinating folks and priming their adaptive immune system to be ready to pounce as soon as the pathogen makes its appearance for real, suppose that the pathogen has mutated that antigen sufficiently that it’s unrecognizable to the T and B cells; well, then you’re stuck with having to go the long way around to get antibody production underway:

Antigen presenting cell: “Here, you recognize this asshole?”

T cell: “Nope. Never seen him before. My guy had a 70’s porn star mustache.”

Antigen presenting cell: “Aw, criminately, it’s the same frigging guy without the stache. The whole gang shaved and now they’re back. We wouldn’t have knocked this one off if he wasn’t bad. So just get on the horn, send out an APB, and unleash the hounds of antibodies before it’s too late.”

T cell: “Nope these things have to be done by the book and, besides, you’ll have to find a naive T cell and then it can start the process with a naive B cell.”

And, so, your vaccination was worthless, unless you should happen to run into the original form, in which case you probably wouldn’t even be aware of having done so.

For some pathogens of very low mutability, loss of effectiveness due to mutational change isn’t a problem and your initial immunity from your faked infection will last you for a lifetime of reinfections halted before resulting in a noticeable disease state.

But if it’s an RNA virus, then a single antigen vaccine against a highly mutable epitope in a highly mutable virus is pretty much doomed to failure.

If, however, your vaccine had contained many bits and pieces of many different proteins (antigens) of that virus then, because there exist some proteins that can’t be mutated greatly without destroying viral structure and function, you stand the chance that many of your antibodies to epitopes on those other proteins will still afford you protection. Your virus may lose its 70s porn star mustache, but enough of the rest of its features will be remembered for a rapid immune response.

In addition, another advantage of the protein debris vaccine approach is that you don’t actually have to have any of your body’s cells get infected to get the benefit of the adaptive immune system.

Enter the utterly lame, doubly-doomed for immunological failure, single antigen viral mRNA vaccines.

First they are doomed because of the reasons just mentioned: they contain a single antigen of a highly mutable protein of a highly mutable virus.

Second, they are doomed because—well, you’ll see after we go through the unwarranted optimism of their overly-rosy sales pitch.

Basically it’s like this.

The Way We Imagined It Would Work

“Yeah, so, we’ve got this cool new way of introducing viral antigens without actually shooting any into you like with the old vaccines the anti-vaxxers were so worried about. “It’s an easy three-step process:

“First, we get copies of just a teensy fragment of the viral mRNA, the one that codes for one viral spike protein, and we inject it into a small volume of muscle cells on your arm.

“Second, we harness the amazing power of the cells’ own protein synthesizing equipment. Since it’s already set up to automatically translate mRNA exported from the nucleus into proteins that the cell uses for its own structure and function, it will automatically translate this viral mRNA into the viral protein or antigen.

“Third, the B-cells in the immune system will make antibodies against this viral protein so that if you ever do get infected with C19, antibody production will get ramped up immediately, bind to the epitope on the spike protein antigen and then the killer T-cells and scavenger cells of the immune system will zero in and take them apart, halting the infection in its tracks.”

The problem with their rosy scenario is threefold:

1. They focused too narrowly on the adaptive rather than the innate immune system and looked at the innate immune system merely as a means to get to the adaptive immune system.

2. Not only did they focus too narrowly on the innate immune system merely as a way to access the adaptive immune system, they also focused too narrowly on the proposed role of the viral antigen in training the immune system to make antibodies. They should have paid more attention to the means used to produce it: deliberately hijacking the healthy human cells’ protein synthesis equipment to make viral proteins. Hmm, does that sound like any other process the innate immune system would express an interest in?

3. They failed to look at the other roles of the viral spike protein in pathogenesis, roles that they unwittingly (we hope) created by their design of what they claimed to be a vaccine, and

4. They appear to have paid too little attention to the roles of the innate immune system prior to antibody formation and subsequent to antibody deployment in the very special context of their novel form of “immunization.”

I said before that you can acquire adaptive immunity as a result of

A. actual infection by the real pathogen and then survival, though possibly with serious damage to organ systems by the pathogen and by the immune response in the meantime or B. a faked infection started with pathogen remnants typical of those left behind as a consequence of the innate immune system slugging it out with the pathogens, yet with little to no damage to organ systems from the antigens because there are no infective agents, ie, bacteria or viruses to get into healthy cells and start causing trouble. But single antigen mRNA vaccines combined all the dangers of A with little to none of the advantages of

B. Here is the danger of deliberately infecting healthy cells with viral mRNA:

A. It makes no difference that no virus is being replicated, simply the hijacking of normal cellular processes, the presence of viral protein, and the presence of any viral RNA, is enough to trigger signals that something is wrong.

B. In the blood there are natural killer cells, macrophages, and the complement system. All of those can detect on the cell surface the presence of protein tags that essentially say, “I’m a friendly, don’t fire!” And then the natural killer cells pass by, the complements won’t lyse the cells, and the macrophages won’t eat it. But if those cell surface proteins are missing, then that cell is going to get taken out. If the cell becomes stressed by overproduction of viral proteins and underproduction of the normal proteins it requires to maintain its proper cellular function, then those cells surface proteins saying “Don’t shoot me, bro” disappear and that cell is dead meat.

C. If a cell, such as those deliberately infected with viral mRNA through a vaccine, is detected by the innate immune system to contain viral RNA or is producing viral proteins, then it’s taken out.

D. And that’s BEFORE any antibody production gets started. But once antibody production gets ramped up—especially after getting the second shot, then anywhere there are lots of spike proteins they will be tagged with antibodies that are signals for other cells to come in and clean them up, but they also signal that there’s an infection that calls in more natural killer cells and macrophages, triggering an inflammatory response that puts even more stress on the screwed up mRNA-infected cells right in the presence of a growing concentration of all the killers of the immune system that are ready to go to work on any cells containing viral RNA and producing viral protein.

The resulting attack on these looks like an autoimmune attack because the cells weren’t actually infected with a viral pathogen. It’s just that the “vaccine” made it look EXACTLY like they were.

With protein based vaccines, those proteins do not invade cells, derange them, and get them killed by the immune system.

And remember how the immune system ramps up its response according to threat level and that viruses found mostly outside of cells in the early stages of invasion rate a less vigorous response because they can be taken out with a minimum of damage to tissues by the immune response?

Well, the highest threat level is cells taken over by viruses for replication. The big immunological guns are brought out for that with the likelihood of significant damage to normal tissue—the idea being, better a bit wounded than totally dead.

A traditional vaccine fakes the aftermath of an infection but without messing up the cells.

A viral mRNA vaccines invades healthy cells like artificial viruses, hijacks them to produce viral proteins, makes them appear to the innate immune system that they are infected, and gets them targeted for destruction.

So the cost of creating the adaptive immune system antibodies against the viral proteins created by the cells from the viral mRNA is the attack and destruction of the very cells by the immune system that an immune response against a normal vaccine is supposed to protect those cells from.

Bottom line:

1. At the time all these leftists around the world are pushing vaccines to a ridiculously unprecedented degree claiming they will protect people from danger,

2. The vaccines present an unprecedented degree of danger by making fake infected cells that are treated by the immune system as the real thing.


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